YOUR Community Needs YOU

Upon pondering the effectiveness of the work we did last week within our community at the Family Center of Washington County and the Good Samaritan Haven, I now feel elated and excited by the volunteerism that accomplished this, but true belief in our fellow man/woman that we truly DO make a difference.

Hey, the proof is in the pudding!

So, I’m thinking that we all can be more effective if we just take the next step…

What is that you might say?

Consider our initiatives:

  • Education (early learning)
  • Income (financial stability)
  • Health (healthy living)
  • Basic Needs are being met

United Way World Wide shows us what’s important and viewed all around us in their 20 second video:

No matter the area or location, we all have seen or know someone who falls within any category of need.  Even one day, we ourselves might be in need of specific services.

Guess what?  Your local Green Mountain United Way can help…and YOU can help your local United Way by taking that next step by helping others through volunteerism.

Check out our Volunteer page and find the thing that you might be interested in doing to help out!

Whether you are looking for volunteers or simply want to volunteer yourself, you can browse these opportunities HERE.  You can also feel free to contact us at or call our Central Office at 802-613-3989.

You’ll be glad you did and feel free to send us feedback on your experiences!

We can accomplish so much together.

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