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What are you passionate about? What issues or needs do you feel our legislators must know more about in order to best represent us, the people they serve? In this News Brief I am highlighting several upcoming “days” at the Vermont Statehouse where people of like mind and concerns can come speak to their legislators as a group and individually.

Are your concerns about mental health and/or substance abuse recovery, early childhood, or disability awareness? If so, there are specific days to join in and let our Representatives and Senators know these are important, and help them understand the perspective of people who experience them, and their families. Community support for these issues is also very important.

January 31, 2014– Youth in Transition Legislative Day- Contact – Brenda Bean at brendajbean@comcast.net

February 13, 2014- Mental Health Advocacy Day-Contact- NAMI- katycrane@me.com

February 19, 2014– Disability Awareness Day- Contact- Vermont Coalition for Disability Rights (VCDR) at vcdrvt@gmail.com

March 12, 2014– Early Childhood Day- Contact- Early Childhood Alliance- kault@buildingbrightfutures.org

March 21, 2014– Recovery Day- Contact VAMHAR/Friends of Recovery- rita@vamhar.org

Before going to the Statehouse look up your legislators’ contact information, call or email them, and let them know you will be there. There is opportunity on all of these days for legislators to join you for early AM coffee or for lunch in the cafeteria. If the house or senate has a session on the day you are there, your legislator can also announce your attendance from the floor. Be prepared by thinking about why the focus of the day is important to you, your family and your community.

Find your legislators HERE

See you at the Statehouse!


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