Green Mountain United Way Participates in EITC Awareness Day

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  (Photo of EITC Awareness Day at Vermont State House)

February 5th has been nationally named as Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Awareness Day, and in Vermont, four individuals formed a panel that day to inform the general public of the importance of filing for EITC if eligible. Representing all Vermonters on this topic at the State House on Feb. 5th were (left to right) Nelson Baker, Community Impact Director for Green Mountain United Way (GMUW) who also represented the United Ways of Vermont, Mary Niebling, Director of Economic Development for Capstone Community Action, Grant Peterson, IRS Stakeholder Relationship Consultant, and Mary Peterson, VT Tax Commissioner. Each of the panelists offered the information that people need to find out if they are eligible for the tax credit and how to file.

Nelson Baker of the United Way stated, “Earned Income Tax Credit is a federally funded program that rewards qualified individuals for working. One individual who recently attended a financial literacy workshop had received EITC from the federal government and also from the State of Vermont when she filed her tax returns. She was able to pay several overdue utility bills and had some money left over to put into a savings account.” The biggest problem is that nearly 20% of taxpayers who qualify for EITC do not claim the refund.

For EITC details, visit or call the GMUW office in Barre at 802-622-8056.

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