FamilyWize Health and Wellness Newsletter – June 2016


Health and Wellness Newsletter – June 2016


Our Mission at FamilyWize is Simple:

Help people live a healthy, happy life by making prescription medications more affordable.

Here are a few great stories from around the country, all of which exemplify the FamilyWize card and app improving the lives of individuals and families nationwide. We are proud of these stories, and need your help in spreading the word to more people every day!


“As a pharmacist, I see “sticker shock” on a daily basis – people who learn the price of their prescription and then decide to pass on taking them due to cost. The FamilyWize card and app (I see both) help reduce this cost significantly, and most importantly, help lead to more people taking their meds and living healthy!”
Ken, Minnesota

“My husband takes Amlodipine daily for high blood pressure. The cost is usually $270, but the FamilyWize discount resulted in a cost of $22.27; a savings of almost $250!”
Kelley, Georgia

“I am able to save over 75% (Close to $100) on my monthly prescription with absolutely no cost to me. A sincere Thank You for all that you do!”
Colin, Pennsylvania

“Our out-of-pocket prescription costs had been running over $200 per month. We began using the FamilyWize card and these costs were CUT IN HALF! We are a low income household so this is a huge relief and we are so grateful.”
Kara, Minnesota

“When I turned to United Way of Rockland and the FamilyWize prescription discount plan, my prescription costs ($1,100 for 90 days) reduced by 67%. Not only is it free but it’s available to everyone. I don’t know what I would’ve done if it wasn’t for United Way of Rockland and FamilyWize.”
Breast Cancer Survivor, New York

“I use the FamilyWize card for my son, who takes medication for high blood pressure. I save $100 every time I refill his prescription. Thank you, FamilyWize!”
Maria Elena, Florida

“By partnering with FamilyWize, all of us at United Way of The Wine Country have helped over 10,000 people save close to $1,000,000 in the past year alone. Thank you for partnering with us and helping those in need!”
Mike, California

Did You Know?

You can use the FamilyWize card and app for all of your REFILLS, too?

Every time you go to the pharmacy, make sure you bring along your card or app and show it to the pharmacist. This will ensure you get the lowest possible price on your meds!




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