Day of Caring 2017 at Good Samaritan Haven

I think that Ken O’Rourke of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont said it best when he said “I think you got 8 hours of work done in 6 hours!”. Brooke Jenkins, Executive Director of Good Samaritan Haven, was blown away by the amount of work that our volunteers were able to do. The attic and basement were reclaimed from their piles of donations, and reorganized into useful spaces where staff can find items for clients, move freely, and put away new donations easily and quickly! The porch and interior hallway¬†were painted, 3 truckloads were taken to the dump, and tons of boxes were sorted for the tag sale (and the trash/recycling!). These amazing folks even baked goodies for the upcoming Good Samaritan Bake Sale! Incredible work was done by everyone, thank you for this amazing gift to our partners at Good Samaritan!

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