Day of Action Projects, June 21 in Downtown Barre

Thank you to our many volunteers and a special thanks to our area’s generous employers Northfield Savings Bank and Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Vermont for generously offering their employees the benefit of volunteering during the work week! We could not have made such an impact with their individual contributions to this community!

With the help of these 15 giving people we were able to help OUR House and SACT beautify and clean up indoors and out!

At OUR House we:

  • Painted and stained outdoor entrances, stairways and wheelchair ramps and railings
  • Weeded the entire parking area, flower beds, side yard, and building foundation
  • Cleaned the parking area to make it more welcoming for clients
  • Trimmed bushes and trees to clear path areas

At SACT we helped by:

  • Weeding around the foundation (and when I say weeding, I mean pulling roots the size of puppies, in addition to pulling small weeds)
  • Mowing
  • Painting two entry areas and wheel chair ramp
  • Cleaning the shelter kitchens, bathrooms and common areas,
  • Weeding and cleaning the shelter parking area

All of this work could not have been accomplished without these strong and capable hands and many hands made for lots of accomplishment. Thanks you from GMUW, OUR House and SACT and the communities they serve!

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