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We can’t do it alone.  We need the heads, hands and hearts of committed people like you to help us tackle the problems facing our communities. Each of us has special talents, things we can do to help. Put your talents to work to help our community!  There are listings for assistance needed in local schools, meal sites, libraries, senior centers and much more.  It’s a win/win situation for the volunteer and the organization receiving their service.

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GMUW Encourages Taxpayers to File for EITC

Tax season is now upon us and although many of us dread having to prepare and submit our annual taxes, there are some advantages to doing so, one of them being the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Green Mountain United Way (GMUW) encourages taxpayers to make sure to file for credit in order to receive money that is due them. The 1040-EZ form does not ask the necessary question regarding EITC, so be sure to file the long form.

EITC is a federally-funded program that rewards people for working. It is a way for many to not only reduce their debt but to start and/or increase savings. To qualify for EITC, your earned income must be less than:

  • $14,820 single, head of household or widowed (or $20,330 married filing jointly) with no qualifying children or,
  • $39,131 ($44,651 married filing jointly) with one qualifying child or,
  • $44,454 ($49,974 married filing jointly) with two qualifying children or,
  • $47,747 ($53,267 married filing jointly) with three or more qualifying children.

The 2015 Tax year maximum credits are:

  • $503 with no qualifying children,
  • $3,359 with one qualifying child,
  • $5,548 with two qualifying children,
  • $6,242 with three or more qualifying children.

There is a limit on the amount of investment income (such as interest) that you can have. Your filing status cannot be married filing separately.

GMUW in concerned with the financial stability of the people in its five county region and the EITC is one way of increasing income and becoming more financially stable. Last year, 44,000 EITC claims were submitted by Vermonters bringing 85 million dollars back into our VT economy. Unfortunately, approximately 20% of eligible Vermont taxpayers do not claim EITC.

In addition, those who qualify for EITC also qualify for free tax return preparation at a VITA site (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance), 3Squares Vermont and other benefits. Vermont 2-1-1, a free statewide referral service operated by the United Ways of VT, will refer taxpayers to their nearest location where they can access these benefits.

For more information about Green Mountain United Way and EITC, contact their Barre office at 802-622-8056 or visit them at www.gmunitedway.org.

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Welcome to our new web site

Green Mountain United Way is pleased to introduce this new and updated website. We hope you enjoy our new look and find it easy to navigate.

We sincerely thank Mike Healy for his assistance in designing and making our site as user-friendly as possible.

Because the site has been reorganized, many page names have changed. If a bookmark to one of our old pages no longer works, try our navigation menu and site search. If that fails or if you have other questions, leave us a comment below.

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Encouraging Child Development

Did you know that 80% of a child’s brain develops by age 3 and 90% by age 5?

By encouraging families to read to and interact with their children from the time of birth, GMUW will be able to assist those children to be at the same learning level as their peers in the early school years, to graduate from high school, and enter the workforce in a more stable and confident way.

Our goal is to help children learn more easily through good reading and communication skills. Consequently, our assistance to adults who have always been behind because of poor reading skills will reduce the cost to taxpayers. It is proven that every dollar invested in quality early care and education saves taxpayers $13.00 in future costs.

Because children who are struggling readers at the end of the first grade have a one in eight chance of ever catching up, it is imperative that we provide them with the resources they need to become good readers in their early, formative years.

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Increasing Vermont’s Health

Did you know that 11% of Vermonters are considered to be in poor physical health? 6 out of 10 Vermonters are considered to be overweight or obese.

GMUW is working to help people become healthier so that these percentages can be reduced and chronic illnesses like cardiovascular, Type II diabetes, hypertension and some cancers can be avoided.

Better physical health for our people means their adopting better health practices and behaviors like eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and engaging in regular physical activity.

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