Are YOU Fed Up With Holiday Commercialism?

Don’t know what to buy your loved ones for the holidays?  Consider a donation to Green Mountain United Way in their honor.

Ways to Give

Donors have several options available when wishing to contribute to the United Way. We at Green Mountain United Way understand that no one method of giving fits all donors. Therefore, for the convenience of our supporters, we make available several options as described below:



Contributors of $500 or more are included in a published list of Leadership Givers, if they so wish. Depending on the amount given, those contributors are named in one of the following applicable categories:

$500 – $999  –  Pathfinder
$1000 – $2499  –  Pacesetter
$2500 – $4999  –  Trail Blazer
$5000 – $9999  –  Challenger
$10000 +  –  Pinnacle

For more information about Leadership Giving, call 802-229-9532 or e-mail us at


Many people, at one time or another, do not have the available funds to give to the charity of their choice; or, prefer giving in another manner. The following are a few other options available to you when wanting to donate to the Green Mountain United Way:

  • Including that charity in a last will and testament
  • Giving shares of stock, which might avoid capital gains taxes
  • Naming the charity as the beneficiary on a life insurance policy
  • Arranging for a Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Arranging for a Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Arranging for a Charitable Lead Trust

These are only a few of the many options available to donors. The Green Mountain United Way recommends that donors first consult with a lawyer, tax accountant or estate planner to be sure the best method of giving is chosen.

To discuss these and other possible ways of giving, please call our Berlin, VT office at 802-229-9532 and every attempt to meet your needs will be made.

The Green Mountain United Way “Mobilizes communities to create lasting changes in local conditions that improve lives.”

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