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The weather outside may be getting frightful, but it's not slowing down the Montpelier Parks Department at all! Even in the winter months, the Parks Department staff is hard at work through the city, making sure the parks are safe and beautiful for the winter season. Throughout this time, they are looking for volunteers to help with a variety of outside and indoor projects.

The Parks Department is looking for individuals with artistic talent and graphic design know-how. We are hoping to update our park signage, maps, and structures with clearer graphics, more eye-catching designs, and new features like 'You Are Here' check in markers. If you're someone with a passion for design and display, this would be a great position for you!

If you're a skilled woodworker, the storms this fall left several downed trees. We will need help in simple tasks like carving stumps, but we are also looking for help with more artistic projects. For example, we are hoping to turn some of these downed trees into benches, sculptures, and other structures for the parks.

While the two previous positions can be done indoors, for the brave and adventures, there is always work to be done outside, even in the winter. We are always working on trails, maintaining roads, and managing plants. Anyone with an interest in or a passion for the parks is always welcome to join us in this work.

Whatever your interests, and whatever the weather, the Montpelier Parks Department is looking for a volunteer just like you. To find your perfect fit, contact the VISTA Volunteer Coordinator at (802) 225-8694 or the Parks Department Director Geoff Beyer at (802) 249-2424.

Happy Trails!